A traditional family home – extended information

Avalanche warning

Take a look at varsom.no. Be carefull!

See also: These videos shall help ski tourists make life-saving choices


In case you need to use the snowthrower, you will find the owner’s manual here.

Grocery store

The nearest grocery store is located in Lenangsøyra, see map.

Things to experience




Tie the bags together and place them in the trash bin in the garage.

Empty cans and botles

In Norway, we have a very good system for recycling empty cans and bottles. They should therefore not be destroyed. If you don’t take them back to the store yourself (and get money for them), collect them in bags and leave them out in the garage.

Other stuff

  • When cheking out, leave the heater in the hall, the livingroom and the bathroom on. The same goes for the heater in the washing room (remotely controlled).
  • Ashes can be trown on the other side of the fence against south (out the door in the livingroom).
  • Chromecast; when you are conected to wifi you can cast to «stue». It s connected to HDMI3. Change input with the remote control.